Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is the independent technical regulator responsible for electricity, gas and pipeline safety in Victoria.


A statutory authority, we also licence electricians, manage the Certificate of Electrical Safety Program, conduct community safety campaigns, ensure electrical and gas products are approved and safe for use, and investigate gas and electrical incidents.


Our role is broad and ranges from accepting industry’s safety cases and safety management schemes for the design, construction and maintenance of electricity, gas and pipeline networks across the state to regulating against standards and administering regulations covering gas and electrical appliances and installations and energy efficiency.


We have a team of investigators who probe gas and electrical safety issues in homes and businesses across the state, and run various community education campaigns alerting Victorians to potential dangers with energy. Our annual campaigns include Look up and Live, BBQ safety and awareness about the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning from gas appliances.


ESV is led by the Director of Energy Safety.