The Master Plumbers recognises the vital role plumbing plays in developing and maintaining public health and ensuring the environmental sustainability of our communities.


Established in 1891, Master Plumbers is Australia’s largest plumbing industry association. An industry leader for over 120 years, we are a trusted source of information, advice and expertise for our members, the industry, government and the community.


Our large membership represents a powerful and reputable group and we lobby on behalf of members to protect and effect change to the industry and in support of various plumbing, business and environmental recommendations.


The National Fire Industry Association was first registered in 1926 and has been speaking for its members on all issues of concern ever since. NFIA Victoria members are contractors operating in the broad framework that is fire protection and are supported in their commercial and industrial activities by NFIA policies, activities and services.


NFIA is industrially registered and acts for the Fire Protection industry with a view to improving the condition of Industry and to deliver an environment to members which is conducive to the operation of efficient and effective industry.


NFIA Victoria plays a prime role in the development of competency and technical standards for the fire protection industry as the building of skill and our people is of critical importance for the industry today and for the future. Working together NFIA is providing a platform on which is being built the future of our industry.


The Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre is a unique industry-led training facility in Brunswick, Melbourne. The centre is a 5 Star Green Star rated building and is a working example of innovative design and sustainable plumbing. Through providing access to a training resource without peer, our industry is taking up the challenges of new technology, new risks and new approaches.


PICAC’s facilities are pre-eminent amongst training providers and include the Fire Protection Centre of Excellence, the Occupational Health and Safety Centre of Excellence, a demonstration Green Plumbing House, world class reticulated water systems, the newest technology in water and energy efficiency. By showcasing the world’s very best, leading edge technology we are training the plumbers of tomorrow, today.


The Plumbers’ Union is one of the fastest growing and most progressive trade unions in Australia. We have a proud history and a strong future. Our record of protecting workers’ rights and entitlements since 1850 is second to none. We have been federally registered since 1912.


An important part of this proud union is the continued protection of our Trade Licensing/Registration systems. As a trade union we have been at the forefront of training and trade development within the trade and we can provide industry-based training to all of our members.


The Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia Inc (AHSCA) is the association of consultants and designers engaged in the design, specification and inspection of hydraulic and fire protection systems such as hot and cold water plumbing, sanitary and trade waste drainage, stormwater drainage, fire services and gas services. The AHSCA includes a vast number of corporate and individual members Australia-wide.



The super fund created for your industry Cbus is the national industry super fund for the building, construction and allied industries.


The fund is passionate about maximising the retirement outcomes for its 747,000 members and providing an excellent super service for 134,000 employers. Founded in 1984 by workers for workers, Cbus has low fees and is run only to benefit members and the people who depend on them.


Managing more than $39 billion of members’ funds, the Fund achieves strong investment performance over the long term*. Cbus through our subsidiary company Cbus Property Pty Ltd invests back into your industry, creating jobs and stimulating economic growth. Cbus supports your business’ superannuation needs with dedicated personal support and system options that makes super administration quick and easy. Cbus is proud to sponsor the 2017 Plumbing and Fire Industry Awards.


*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.Figures quoted above are correct as at 31 May 2017. Read the relevant Cbus Product Disclosure Statement to decide whether Cbus is right for you. Contact 1300 361 784 or visit for a copy. Cbus’ Trustee: United Super Pty Ltd ABN 46 006 261 623 AFSL 233742 Cbus ABN 75 493 363 262.


Energy Safe Victoria

Energy Safe Victoria is the state’s technical and safety regulator for electricity, gas and pipelines. We aspire to make Victoria a state where the community, industry and regulators share a strong commitment to the safe and efficient supply and use of electricity and gas, and the safety of its pipelines. We are proud to sponsor the NA Smith Gas Award, which recognises an outstanding fourth-year apprentice who has excelled in gas studies.


Our focus is on championing a new way of thinking about food waste. We want to lead a paradigm shift towards an alternative to living with food waste and engender a sense of individual responsibility for food waste management.


With the understanding that each person can make a difference, we hope to position food waste disposers as a valuable solution to the global problems associated with sending food to landfill. It is a fact that every one tonne of food waste that goes to landfill gives off 743kg of Green House Gas Emissions. InSinkErator® Food Waste Disposers aid in the process of capturing Methane gas from food scraps at appropriate Wastewater Treatment Plants where it can be converted into renewable energy.


People all over the globe are concerned about the environment. While there’s no single solution for managing, and getting rid of the world’s waste, even the simple things we do may have an important impact on the environment – like using an InSinkErator food waste disposer to keep food waste out of landfills.

Fire Industry Training

Fire Industry Training (FiT) is an Industry owned RTO that provides a range of training to the Fire Protection Industry. FiT is a proud provider of quality, engaging training which leads to real student outcomes. Established in 2008 Fire Industry Training (FiT) quickly grew to be the pre-eminent provider of fire protection training in Australia. Delivering a range of industry specific training (from non-accredited through to the Fire Systems Design Diploma) at our centres of excellence in Victoria and Queensland, we consistently strive to improve and to fulfil our objective of quality, industry focussed training which benefits all stakeholders. FiT provides relevant and engaging training, which includes providing the support which ensures students have every opportunity to achieve the vocational outcomes of the course. FiT is a dedicated fire protection training organisation, through the support of employers FiT achieves the right outcomes for students to benefit the overall industry, by ensuring a well-trained, highly skilled workforce. Fire Industry training is committed to fire protection and dedicated to quality training.


PICAC has established itself as the preferred training provider for the Plumbing Industry.  By investing in state of the art equipment and remaining at the forefront of best practice in the delivery of training, the Centre has received broad recognition from our industry, the wider community and internationally.  PICAC’s proven model of success is now being rolled out in new locations including Geelong, Narre Warren and Queensland. PICAC is committed to the development of the highest standards of excellence and leadership. As such, it is our honour to present the William. P Hite Leadership Excellence Award to recognise an individual who made an outstanding contribution to the development, promotion and commitment to excellence in the plumbing industry and the communities we serve.


Victaulic designs and manufactures mechanical pipe joining solutions that engineer confidence into every build. Customers trust our high-quality products and services to increase overall system durability in the most demanding construction projects and operating conditions.


Since 1919, Victaulic’s no-flame, mechanical pipe joining solutions and drawing services have optimized construction productivity and reduced risk, ensuring projects are completed safely, on time and within budget. Driven by a spirit of continuous innovation, Victaulic’s portfolio of 10,000+ products and patented pipe joining and flow control technologies promote freedom of design, safe and efficient jobsites, as well as simplified inspection and maintenance for the life of any project.


With more than 40 international facilities, Victaulic helps customers in over 140 countries succeed in the global construction industry. Our products are found on piping systems within the largest and most complex commercial buildings and industrial environments such as oil and gas, chemical, mining, power generation, water and wastewater treatment, military and marine. Learn more about how our innovative piping products and design services can engineer confidence into your build at

Davey Water Products

Headquartered and a market leader in Australia, Davey manufactures and distributes a range of products which transfer, conserve, treat and filter water to over 50 countries where they perform in some of the world’s toughest conditions.

With a focus on new and smarter ways to help customers solve problems and its strong engineering capability, Davey develops and markets leading water products for homes, businesses and farms, fire and flood protection, rainwater harvesting, swimming pool and community needs.

Since 1934 Davey Water Products has provided innovative and dependable water solutions with great service and advice.

Plumbing Joint Training Fund

The Plumbing Joint Training Fund (PJTF) is a collaboration of key industry participants, each an active player in furthering the standards of training excellence in the plumbing, HVAC, fire protection and WHS sectors of the industry. The PJTF has applied the extensive knowledge of its constituents to create a Training Fund that facilitates pre-vocational, vocational, and post –trade industry-led education and training. The PJTF encourages Victorian industry participation while also seeking to develop interstate and international partnerships to ensure the ongoing development of world-class training


PFIA 2017 Reece company profile Reece is Australia’s largest supplier of plumbing and bathroom products, with over 500 branches across a number of strategic businesses including Plumbing, HVAC-R, Irrigation, Onsite, Civil, Bathroom Life, Actrol and Metalflex. For over 90 years Reece has provided products and a dedicated service to plumbers. The company is proud of the reputation it has earned over that time for “having what you need, when you need it, where you need it”.


The core of Reece’s business is its trade business. Understanding that continued success depends on the success of its customers, Reece is committed to providing the best service possible, and supporting the plumbing industry and its customers in their businesses, particularly through its “Don’t risk it, use a licensed plumber” campaign.


Established in 1988, Incolink is a joint enterprise of employer associations and industry unions in the commercial building, construction and civil allied industries in Victoria and Tasmania. Incolink supports the health and financial wellbeing of workers and their families in a sustainable way. Incolink’s core business is managing redundancy funds for workers. Incolink also generates investment income used to provide a range of support services and insurance benefits for members.

The Incolink Wellbeing & Support team offers counselling, on site health checks, job support and apprentice support as well as preventative education sessions to the industry. Important insurances like income protection, portable sick leave, accidental dental and leisure time illness or injury programs are subsidised by Incolink for members. Surplus funds generated by Incolink supports industry training and development, as well as occupational health and safety initiatives all delivered through the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre.

Incolink is proud to be a sponsor of the Plumbing and Fire Industry Awards, which is a joint event recognising excellence across the industry. For more information on Incolink visit: or call 03 9639 3000

Conex Bänninger

Conex Bänninger has built a reputation as one of the leading innovators and manufacturers of high quality plumbing fittings and valves in the world. ‘Excellence since 1909’ is not only recognition of our heritage of innovation, but the ethos by which we have built strong relationships with our customers by providing the best in technical, sales and customer support.

We work closely with industry professionals in the plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, health sensitive and ship building sectors, to provide cost-effective solutions for applications such as sanitary, heating, gas, solar, compressed air and liquid gas systems.

As part of the IBP Group, we have international resources such as world-class manufacturing facilities, extensive research and development, and the expertise of employees based around the globe.

Conex Universal Ltd is an ISO 9001 Quality Assured company registered with the BSI. Our ISO 9001 certification assures our customers the very best in product quality.


The Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia Inc (AHSCA) is the association of consultants and designers engaged in the design, specification and inspection of hydraulic and fire protection systems such as hot and cold water plumbing, sanitary and trade waste drainage, stormwater drainage, fire services and gas services. The AHSCA includes a vast number of corporate and individual members Australia-wide.



The simPRO Software Group is a global leading software company with operations throughout Australia, New Zealand, United States and the United Kingdom. simPRO provides leading-edge job management software for the trade contractor and service industries, with the key objective to enhance the productivity and profitability of our clients’ businesses.


Established in 2002, simPRO Software has since grown organically and through customer demand, with more than 4,000 clients and 90,000 users worldwide. Clients range from small contracting operations through to corporate enterprises with thousands of staff.Our flagship product, simPRO Enterprise, is a feature-rich tool designed from the ground up by trade and service contractors for the trade and service industries.


Because we understand the way trade service companies function, we’ve developed Enterprise to cover every aspect of business: from estimating to project management and service delivery. Our field mobility solutions keep office staff connected and up-to-date with real time on-site reporting, and enable field staff to invoice and collect payments on site.


IAPMO Oceana

IAPMO Oceana certifies plumbing and drainage products to use the WaterMark™ symbol and offers certification services for our own OceanaMark™ and GasMark™ product schemes.

IAPMO Oceana is accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ). We operate an effective quality system in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065:2012 Conformity assessment.

IAPMO Oceana also provides a testing facility to enable gas appliances to reach market through the IAPMO GasMark™ testing and certification process.

We are proud to have over 80 years of experience behind us and when you choose IAPMO Oceana as your certification partner, you are choosing our International reputation for excellence, flexibility and capability to provide first-class service anywhere in the world.