The Reece Group operates Australia’s largest plumbing and bathroom supplies business, as well as 8 others in allied industries. We’re almost 100 years old, but always doing something new and different. We’re expanding into fresh areas, developing new technologies and systems and pioneering innovative products. We have 7,800 people in 800 branches across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.


Our values define our culture and the way we work to improve the lives of our customers and our people every day. The Reece family works in hundreds of communities. As a supplier to local business, an employer of local people and champion of local causes, we live where we work. We work to build the environmental sustainability of our operations. We are working to increase our use of renewable energy with solar power, reduce our emissions with efficiency programs and recycle packaging by backloading on our delivery trucks.


What started with a few items for sale from the back of a truck, is now an international company, a major employer and a household name.


It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it. We put our customers at the centre of everything.