Our focus is on championing a new way of thinking about food waste. We want to lead a paradigm shift towards an alternative to living with food waste and engender a sense of individual responsibility for food waste management.


With the understanding that each person can make a difference, we hope to position food waste disposers as a valuable solution to the global problems associated with sending food to landfill. It is a fact that every one tonne of food waste that goes to landfill gives off 743kg of Green House Gas Emissions. InSinkErator Food Waste Disposers aid in the process of capturing Methane gas from food scraps at appropriate Wastewater Treatment Plants where it can be converted into renewable energy.


People all over the globe are concerned about the environment. While there’s no single solution for managing, and getting rid of the world’s waste, even the simple things we do may have an important impact on the environment – like using an InSinkErator® food waste disposer to keep food waste out of landfills.